Melville House, April 2015 Original Publication « Du bonheur, un voyage philosophique » Date: October 2013 – Original Publisher: Fayard “Frédéric Lenoir takes us through a philosophical journey that provokes thinking and encourages acting....

The Soul of the World

eBook - Robert Laffont (15 avril 2014) Original Publication «L'Âme du monde » Date: May 2012 – Original Publisher: NIL What mysterious force impelled seven sages to find one another in a forgotten monastery in Tibet? Sensing the imminence of a...

The Oracle of the Moon

eBook Original Publication « L'Oracle della Luna » Date: September 2006 – Original Publisher: Albin Michel The Monastery of San Giovanni in Venere, Italy, 1545. When terrified villagers deliver a practically lifeless body to Dom Salvatore,...

How Jesus became God

326 pages - Original Publication in France: April 2010 «Comment Jésus est devenu Dieu » - Material Available: Finished French copies - Original Publisher: Fayard - Author photo: ©DR - "Frédéric Lenoir confirms his skill in reaching a diverse...

Freemasons: an investigation

Commercial Non-Fiction - Original Publication "La saga des francs-macons" Date: November 2009 - Original Publisher: Robert Laffont - Material available: manuscript in French - "The only really serious and enthralling book on the subject" -- Le...

Socrates, Jesus, Buddha

Non-Fiction, 290 pages, June 2009 - "Fascinating and instructive" - Le Figaro - A fascinating look at the communality and enduring relevance of three of history's most influential figures.   Socrates, Jesus and Buddha have each, in their own...

Code Da Vinci

FROM ST SULPICE AND THE LOUVRE TO CHATEAU VILETTE Popular Non Fiction,  279 pages Original Publication - Date: November 2004, Editions Robert Laffont "If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you will love this book." - Catherine Nay, Europe 1...

The Angel’s Promise

Hardcover – July 1, 2006 Original Publication « La Promesse de l'ange » Date: March 2004 – Original Publisher: Albin Michel Rising out of the sea on a rocky isle off the coast of France, the church and abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel have withstood the harsh...

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18 h 30 min AIX-EN-PROVENCE (13) : conférence @ Théâtre d'Aix
AIX-EN-PROVENCE (13) : conférence @ Théâtre d'Aix
May 22 @ 18 h 30 min – 19 h 30 min
Conférence suivie d’une séance de dédicaces« Pourquoi et comment méditer ? »organisé par CulturaC O M P L E TEnregistrer Théâtre d’Aix8 avenue de la Violette, 13100 Aix-en-Provence Enregistrer
14 h 00 min CANTONS-DE-L’EST (Québec) : sémi... @ Spa Eastman
CANTONS-DE-L’EST (Québec) : sémi... @ Spa Eastman
Jun 2 @ 14 h 00 min – Jun 9 @ 10 h 00 min
Voyage-séminaire « Célébrer la vie » ponctué de conférences, d’échanges et de méditations guidées au sein d’un lieu d’exception en pleine nature Informations / Réservations : Jeanne – ALMA MUNDI Tél. Mail :[...]