The Lost Word


with Violette Cabesos



The basilica of Vézelay: one of the oldest churches dedicated to Marie-Madeleine, the sinner of the Gospels. In this high place of Christianity, Johanna, a medieval archaeologist, tries to establish the truth about the controversial origins of the cult of the saint. But the young woman's serenity is quickly disturbed by a series of murders on the construction site of one of her colleagues in Pompeii and the strange illness of her little girl, which seems inexplicably linked to these crimes. Ready to do anything to save her, Johanna then embarks on a perilous investigation, the key to which could well be one of humanity's greatest secrets: the mysterious sentence traced by Jesus on the sand at the feet of the adulterous woman, the only one he's ever written.


German : PIPER
Spanish (Castilian): EDICIONES GRIJALBO

What the press says

"A wonderful historical and esoteric thriller" Le magazine des Livres

“A fascinating historical thriller. A treasure hunt from ancient Rome, through the Middle Ages and up to the present day.» France Info

“Everything is there: the cocktail is perfect. » Life

"A novel full of religious references, and where the twists keep the reader in suspense. » The Future (Belgium)

“A surprising historical-religious thriller. » The love of books

“This novel is a formidable puzzle whose pieces fit together marvelously which will appeal to fans of history, history of religions and metaphysical thrillers. » Paris Normandy

“This exciting thriller skilfully interweaves eras, places and characters around a mysterious writing transmitted by Marie Madeleine before she died. » The Procure

“This historical-religious detective novel is conducted with mastery and erudition. » The Cross

“An erudite treasure hunt. » The Doctor's Daily