Free podcasts

You will find here the reruns of the interviews of different people who asked me to address certain themes or to talk about my works. Good listening !

Donne-moi des Elles podcast , we meet two extraordinary women of humanity and inner strength: Mâ Ananda Moyî, and Etty Hillesum

January 2023: “We need vital momentum and freedom”, discussion with Stéphan Bureau , a remarkable Canadian journalist on the major issues of our time, shedding light on them with a philosophical perspective.

February 2022: Real by Estelle Abbou – A journey towards oneself (43min)

June 2021: Metamorphosis by Anne Ghesquière , about the book “Just after the end of the world” (Nil, 2021).

November 2021: In Search of Meaning , by Yohann Marcet – What has philosophy taught us for centuries on the question of the meaning of existence? What personal, intellectual, spiritual approach to take?

June 2021: Entre nous by Hit West with Laurent Voulzy , about letting go.

May 2021: Soif de sens by Pierre Chevelle – How to be happy despite the obstacles?

September 2020: On the way ” with Axel Kahn , renowned scientist, geneticist and president of the League against Cancer, we discuss the theme of the spiritual journey.

November 2020: New Eye by Victoria Guillomon – Accepting what you cannot change