Crystal heart

Initiatory tale

Illustrations: Alexis Chabert
Colors: Magali Paillat


Once upon a time...
In a distant kingdom, a young prince is the victim of a terrible
fate: his heart, wrapped in a matrix of crystal, can neither vibrate nor love. Only a burning fire of love would melt the crystal and set his heart free.

While he is old enough to marry, and despite his best efforts, no woman inspires him with this love. This is how he decides to set off on the roads of the world, in search of the one who would deliver him from the curse. Strewn with many obstacles, her quest leads her to meditate on the meaning of life, but also to discover the dreaded secret that hangs over her birth.

ISBN 978-2-221-14584-5
Pocket No. 16396


Netherlands : Uitgeverij TEN HAVE BV

Video (4:22) - Oct 2014