with Simonetta Greggio




Adrien is a forty-year-old Parisian, single and childless.
He has lost his will to live and decides, one evening, to commit suicide. He writes his will as well as a last letter intended for Nina, the woman of his life, the only one he loved with a passionate and unconditional love. Nina and Adrien were children when they met. Memories of their summer holidays spent in Ravello, the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, come flooding back to Adrien's memory. Postponing his suicide for one evening, then another and yet another, he puts them in writing in this long letter to Nina, which becomes, over the nights, the overwhelming declaration of love that he had ever dared to do to the young Italian. Adrien had always dreamed of becoming a writer. He had to wait for this ultimate moment to dare to write. Exhausted but calmed, he swallows a mixture of drugs and falls into a deep coma. He has no idea that his words will change several lives: that of Nina first, but also that of all those who, near or far, will be touched by his writing.