Wisdom explained to those who seek it

Seuil, November 2018
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You no doubt aspire, dear reader, to a successful life. Not necessarily to succeed in life, but to lead a good and happy life. Throughout the world, men and women have always nourished this aspiration and worked to implement it. All believe that what gives meaning to our life is to grow in humanity. For my part, I am convinced that this philosophical ideal of wisdom remains the object of a quest that could not be more current, because we are not on earth only to ensure our material security, to entertain ourselves and to consume. »

How to be yourself and be in harmony with the world? Become more loving and virtuous? Find the path to inner liberation? Grow in joy and find serenity? So many questions to which Frédéric Lenoir, himself in search of wisdom since adolescence, answers with sincerity and simplicity, leading us to follow in the footsteps of his inspirers, such as Epicurus, Epictetus, the Buddha, Tchouang-tseu, Montaigne. , Spinoza or Etty Hillesum, even drawing inspiration from the wisdom of children.

A luminous and dense book like wisdom.

  • Seuil, 8 November 2018 - 128 pages - EAN: 978-2021369595
  • Audiolib , March 2019 – 2h38 – read by Frédéric Lenoir – Physical EAN: 9782367628554 Digital EAN: 978236762891