Right after the end of the world

Soul of the World II

The little girl put her jug ​​on the side of the road and ran to the village, shouting with all her might: "La Vivante, la Vivante!" She comes ! She comes to visit us! At these words, the faces of old and young alike lit up. The crowd rushed to the entrance of the village to welcome the young woman, who walked slowly and gracefully. A horde of children accompanied him everywhere. All of them had lost their families during the Great Catastrophe.

While the children happily dispersed, the young woman proposed to the villagers to sit in a circle around her. “O survivors, thank you for your hospitality and for your open hearts. What do you want to know ? A woman, holding a baby in her arms, spoke up: "Tell us the most important quality that we must develop to be good human beings and not to repeat the mistakes of the past! "


  • NIL Éditions, April 8, 2021 - 198 pages - EAN: 978-2841116751
  • Pocket, January 5, 2023 – 160 pages – EAN: 9782266325516
A word from the editor

Find in this new initiatory tale the wisdom and emotion that made the success of L'Âme du monde , which has sold more than a million copies in twenty countries. Frédéric Lenoir evokes here the emergence of a new world which would be based as much on the mastery of matter as on the exploration of the spirit.

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