Wisdom Thursdays 1/2

Series of videos broadcast on the first Thursday of each month on the Facebook page. The themes come from the questions posed in the comments throughout the year. The videos are displayed in descending chronological order (the most recent at the top of the page).

Video # 16

Succeed in life

The question "what is success in life?" has often been asked to me. I answer it by relying on the notion of virtues established by the Greeks, and by giving you some children's answers ...

Video # 17

To love yourself

After a reminder of what helps a child's self-esteem, I will give you some elements to learn to love yourself better ...

Video # 18

Unconditional love

Starting from the distinction made by the Greeks between the 3 main forms of love: Eros, Philia and Agapé, I will clarify the notion of unconditional love ...

Video # 13


What is the part of things that belongs to us and that which belongs to the outside in our happiness?

Video # 14

E mpathy, benevolence and compassion

What is the difference between empathy, caring and compassion?

Video # 15

Death is a passage

It is on the strength of my experience in India and a story told by Tchouang-tzu, that I give you my vision.

Video # 10

All is for the best

The difficult question of accepting what is, because when you are going through an ordeal, it is obviously difficult to say that all is well ...

Video # 11

The sense of humor

This virtue, which allows us to create links and to take distance from what happens to us, helps us to get through difficulties ...

Video # 12

Know yourself

Knowing yourself is the whole path of life and it takes time, but it is an essential step to understand ...

Video # 7

Change paradigm

The globalization of our world can be used to move away from the logic of “always more” and of quantity, to move towards a logic of well-being and quality…

Video # 8

The 2 Wolves

Through an Amerindian tale, I tell you about the dark side and the part of light hidden in each of us, and how we can grow in humanity ...

Video # 9

The cracked jug

Our weaknesses allow us, much more than our qualities, to enter into links with others and to create deeper relationships, conducive to fraternity ...


Video # 4

How to let go with our children?

By loving our children unconditionally and by considering them as children of life, we can accompany them on their journey of life ...

Video # 5

Knowing how to protect yourself from toxic relationships

We are going to see the importance of loving yourself and respecting yourself in order to be able to set limits on certain people and stay true to yourself ...

Video # 6

Do your share of hummingbirds

What is the point of letting go when there are so many challenges for humanity and the majority of people are going in the opposite direction?

Video # 1

Letting go

What is letting go? We will start from the distinction made by Epictetus between what depends on us and what does not depend on us ...

Video # 2

Keep our serenity

How can we keep our serenity and let go when our world is going so badly? To answer this question, we are going to position ourselves in the long story ...

Video # 3

Acting and non-acting

How to find the right balance between acting and non-acting? Taoist philosophy invites us to accompany the movement of life ...

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