Wisdom Thursdays 2/2

Series of videos broadcast on the first Thursday of each month on the Facebook page. The themes come from the questions posed in the comments throughout the year. The videos are displayed in descending chronological order (the most recent at the top of the page).

Video # 25

The challenges of humanity

Some thoughts on the current controversy about the past ...

Video # 24

Living in these uncertain times

We will have to show flexibility and adaptability ...

Video # 23

Political freedom, internal freedom

 I invite you to savor political freedom ...

Video # 22


To forgive is not to forget. Here are some tips to help you…

Video # 21

A spiritual person

The three fundamental dimensions in my eyes of a spiritual person

Video # 20

Basic needs

What are our basic needs and how do we know them?

Video # 19 ter

This ordeal that reveals to us

A special thought for all those who have difficulty going through this ordeal ...

Video # 19 bis

Coronavirus: praise for containment

This health crisis and the confinement it imposes on us can be an opportunity ...

Video # 19


After defining what impermanence is, I will tell you why I think it is a chance for us ...

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