The roots of the sky

France Culture

Les “ Racines du ciel ” is a weekly program that aired on France Culture from 2008 to 2015.

Frédéric Lenoir and Leili Anvar propose to meet thinkers, works, methods, approaches and therapies that make it possible to give meaning to existence, to broaden one's vision of the world, to know oneself. same body and soul, to learn to live better and to progress in humanity. Because well-being involves knowing yourself better as well as working on yourself.

Below are the links to access the show's podcasts. Good listening !

How can philosophy help us to live? with Fabrice Midal

24/05/2015 Meeting with Hubert Reeves : plea for wonder

A philosophical journey with André Comte-Sponville

26/04/2015Meeting with Françoise Héritier

Françoise Héritier , the famous anthropologist, ethnologist and feminist activist retraces her journey, her struggles, her path of humanity.