The Foundation and the association SEVE, Savoir Etre et Vivre Ensemble

Since 2016, I have chaired the SEVE Association (Savoir être et Vivre Ensemble) co-created with Martine Roussel-Adam, Liliana Lindenberg and Marie-Jeanne Trouchaud.

Our ambition: to generalize the practice of mindfulness and philosophy with children and adolescents to help them grow in discernment and in humanity.

The SEVE association prepares philosophy workshop leaders via a unique program, the “SEVE Course” offered in around fifteen cities each year (4,000 people have already followed the SEVE Course).

The SEVE association deploys, on a large scale, workshops of philosophy and practice of attention throughout France thanks to its network of facilitators and its regional branches.

Many structuring partnerships are developing with local communities, schools and other educational structures to allow children and adolescents to benefit from cycles of SEVE workshops ...

If you want to join, support the association or set up philosophy workshops, go to the !

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Videoconference of November 19, 2020 – “Why philosophize with children? »