Philosophy and meditate with children

Albin Michel, October 2016
EAN13: 9782226322371

Le Livre de Poche, March 2020
EAN: 978-2253238157



This book tells the story of the extraordinary adventure that I lived with hundreds of children across the French-speaking world, from Paris to Montreal, via Molenbeek, Abidjan, Pézenas, Geneva, Mouans-Sartoux, Corsica and Guadeloupe. Why, indeed, wait for the final year class to approach the questioning of existential themes: love, respect, happiness, the meaning of life, emotions, etc. ? The philosophical workshops that I lead show an astonishing capacity of children to think. Beyond the concepts, they learn the rules of the debate of ideas and develop their discernment and a personal reflection.

Because children often have trouble concentrating, I precede the workshops with a short meditation, or attention practice, which allows everyone to regain their sensory receptivity and to be present in the moment.

For all those who, parents, teachers, educators, wish to accompany children in this practice of attention and philosophical workshops, this book offers a method and concrete tools, including a CD of guided meditations. FL

Albin Michel, October 2016 – 272 pages – EAN: 978-2226322371
Le Livre de Poche, March 2020 – 256 pages – EAN: 978-2253238157





Video (1 min 47 s) produced by Albin Michel
October 2016