The power of joy

Fayard, October 2015

The Pocket Book, August, 2017


"Is there a more desirable experience than that of joy?"

More intense and deeper than pleasure, more concrete than happiness, joy is the manifestation of our vital power. Joy cannot be decreed, but can we tame it? To provoke it? Cultivate it?
I would like to propose here a path of self-fulfillment based on the power of joy. A way of liberation and love, at the antipodes of the artificial happiness proposed by our narcissistic and consumerist culture, but also different from the wisdoms which aim at ataraxia, that is to say at the absence of suffering and disorder. .
For my part, I prefer a wisdom of joy, which assumes all the sorrows of existence. Who embraces them the better to transfigure them. In the footsteps of Tchouang-tse, Jesus, Spinoza and Nietzsche, a wisdom founded on the power of desire and on a consent to life, to all of life ...

… To find or rediscover the perfect joy, which is none other than the joy of living. »FL

A hymn to joy combining philosophy, psychology and secular spirituality. Dorothée Werner, Elle.

Fayard, October 2015 – 216 pages – EAN: 9782213661353
Le Livre de Poche, August 2017 – 256 pages – EAN: 9782253186083


Spain (Castilian language): PLATAFORMA
Turkey: BILGE

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Interview conducted by Aurélie Godefroy for Le Monde des religions
December 2015