The Healing of the World



Is man only a homo economicus? Our world is sick, but the current economic crisis, which is polarizing all attention, is only a symptom of much deeper imbalances. The crisis we are going through is systemic: it affects all sectors of human life. It is linked to upheavals in our lifestyles, no doubt as important as the turning point in the Neolithic era, when human beings ceased to be nomadic to become sedentary.

However, there are ways of healing. By basing myself on concrete experiences, I show the existence of a logic other than that, quantitative and mercantile, which leads our world to the catastrophe: a qualitative logic which privileges the respect of the Earth and the people with the output; the quality of being “always more”. I also plead for an enlightened rediscovery of the great universal values ​​- truth, justice, respect, freedom, love, beauty - in order to prevent modern man moved by the intoxication of excess, but also by fear and lust, does not sign its own end.


Interview with Ruth Elkrief (BFMTV – November 2012)