Happiness, a philosophical journey

Fayard, October 2013

The Pocket Book, 2015


What do we mean by "happiness"? Does it depend on our genes, luck, our sensitivity? Is it a lasting state or a series of fleeting pleasures? Is it only subjective? Should we look for it? Can we cultivate it? Can suffering and happiness coexist?

In an attempt to answer these questions, Frédéric Lenoir offers a philosophical, joyful and full of flavor journey. A stimulating walk in the company of the great sages of the East and the West. Where we will cross the garden of pleasures with Epicurus. Where we can hear the laughter of Montaigne and Tchouang-tseu. Where we will meet the peaceful smile of the Buddha and Epictetus. Where we will taste the joy of Spinoza and Etty Hillesum. A living journey, punctuated by concrete examples and the latest discoveries in neuroscience, to help us live better.

  • Fayard: EAN: 9782213661360
  • Pocket: EAN / ISBN: 9782253194965

German : Taschenbuch
English : Melville House, 2015 (Happiness)
Spanish : Ariel
Italian : Bompiani
Dutch : Ten Have
Romanian: Editura Philobia
Turkish: Bilge

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1. Loving the life we ​​lead
2. In the garden of pleasures, with Aristotle and Epicurus
3. Giving meaning to one's life
4. Voltaire and the happy imbecile
5. Does every human being want to be happy?
6. Happiness is not of this world: Socrates, Jesus, Kant
7. The art of being oneself
8. Schopenhauer: happiness is in our sensibility
9. Does money make happiness?
10. The brain of emotions
11. The art of being attentive… and of dreaming
12. We are what we think
13. The time of a lifetime
14. Can we be happy without others?
15. The contagion of happiness
16. Individual happiness and collective happiness
17. Can the quest for happiness make you unhappy?
18. From desire to boredom: impossible happiness
19. The smile of Buddha and Epictetus
20. The laughter of Montaigne and Chuang-tzu
21. The joy of Spinoza and Mâ Anandamayî