The time of responsibility

interview book
by Paul Ricoeur

In the era of globalization and new individualism, modern man is confronted with unprecedented situations in his history: the economic crisis, the demographic explosion, the possibility of making the Earth uninhabitable by all kinds of pollution ... disruption of our lifestyles correspond to new responsibilities, especially towards future generations. Nourished by interviews conducted by Frédéric Lenoir in the early 1990s, this prophetic book pleads for an ethic that concerns each of us and the way in which we want to live together.

 Pocket size collection ““ Pluriel ””, 2013: EAN 9782818503744

Interviews with

Jean Bernard
Marie-Colette Boisset
Jacques Delors
Jacques Ellul
Luc Ferry
André Fontaine
François Guiraud
Yves Jaigo
René Lenoir
Emmanuel Levinas
Michel Noir
Jean-Marie Pelt
Marie-Dominique Philippe
Father Pierre
Bernard de La Rochefoucauld
Jacques Testart
Simone Veil