I wish you my friend for this new year
to learn to love life even more.
To love her through her ups and downs,
her good times and her tough times.

To love her for the joys she offers you,
but also for the sorrows she invites you to go through.
To love him in his light and in his darkness,
in evidence and in doubt.

To love him in the wonder of births,
as in the pain of departures. Read more


Portrait FL by © Pascal ITO


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The Odyssey of the Sacred at Albin Michel, October 18, 2023. Why is sapiens also a Homo spiritus: the only animal that seeks to give meaning to its life, practices funeral rituals, invents great stories...

Jung, a journey towards oneself in Pocket

September 20, 2023 – In this essay, the reader is invited to discover one of the thinkers who seems to me to have gone furthest in understanding the human being and the meaning of his existence…


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